VMware Horizon Cloud Pod “Error adding local pool to the global desktop entitlement”

Hello everyone, just a small blog about a strange problem within the VMware Horizon console while configuring a global desktop entitlement.
After creating two test desktop pools and deploying a few desktops. I’ve created a global desktop entitlement with the name “Test-desktops” to make these two pools available from one single entry point with Horizon Cloud pod.

because this was not the first global desktop entitlement, I didn’t expect any problems at all.
While adding the local desktop pool to the desktop entitlement, The VMware horizon console shows me the following error message

Because the error message is not specific what the cause is of the error, or what property is misconfigured i take a deep drive into the vdm logging ( C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs )
I found the following debug logging at the time while creating the global desktop entitlement.


12:42:31.903+02:00 DEBUG (0440-2360) <pool-20-thread-10> [EventLogger] Error_Event:[VLSI_DESKTOP_UPDATE_FAILED] "breugel\b_kevin failed to update Desktop W7-Pool": Node=con-001.breugel.com, DesktopId=W7-Pool, Severity=AUDIT_FAIL, Time=Tue Oct 14 12:42:31 CEST 2018, ViewAPIDesktopId=Desktop/ODFhMjBiOTQtYjAzMWZhNWE2NTRl/pbjdfbXNhY2Nlc3NfdGVzdA, DesktopDisplayName=W7-Pool, Source=com.vmware.vdi.vlsi.server.util.ViewAPIEventLogger, UserSID=S-1-5-21-1559974955-168066, Module=Vlsi, UserDisplayName=breugel\b_kevin, Acknowledged=true
12:42:31.904+02:00 DEBUG (0C60-1758) <MessageFrameWorkDispatch> [MessageFrameWork] System::WriteWindowsEvent
12:42:31.907+02:00 DEBUG (0440-1A90) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-2> [ViewFlexFactory] com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.federation.GlobalEntitlementBean.addPools 458 ms
12:42:31.909+02:00 DEBUG (1458-1B8C) <AJP-35> [SimpleAJPService] ([ajp:admin:Request976]) Response 200 OK

Above output confirms that there was an error while adding a local desktop pool to the entitlement, the reason why the error occurs is not showing.

While checking other logs in the same folder, I found the cause in the log file “log-2018-10-14”

12:42:31.903+02:00 ERROR (0440-2360) <pool-20-thread-10> [FaultUtil] InvalidArgument(parameter: automatedDesktopData.vmNamingSettings.patternNamingSettings.namingPattern): Invalid value for member

Found it!
vmNamingSettings.patternNamingSettings.namingPattern): Invalid value for member

While creating the test desktop pools, i’ve been using an different naming pattern then the production pools

Test pool naming: KLEW7DEFA_T{n:fixed=3}
Production Naming: KLE7DEFAP{n:fixed=3}

After changing the pattern of the test pools to KLEW7DEFAT{n:fixed=3}, I was able to successfully add the local pools to the global desktop entitlement.

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